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A simple platform to help you gather ideas, insights and feedback from your team members. Our unique measurement system helps leaders build a positive culture where true contributors can shine.

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Attract & Retain True Contributors

The Right Workplace platform makes it easy for companies to build and maintain a healthy and effective culture. Our periodic assessment survey is brief, pointed and effective. We provide leaders with a simple process to analyze and act on results, helping companies and teams of all sizes to build a smarter culture over time.

Privately identify opportunities

Give team members a chance to safely speak up through an arms-length platform using cutting edge security. Find and address issues before they become larger problems, public disputes, or litigious scenarios.

encourage ideas over complaints

Great companies don't just identify problems, they solve them with help from those closest to the work. Our program encourages  solution-oriented thinking where team members lead the charge in driving change.

a workable process to drive engagement

Our platform enables leaders to organize feedback into three categories to successfully plan and execute changes. The process is proven and it finally gives leaders a clear way to close the feedback loop.

about us

A Fresh take on culture

Right Workplace was founded to provide organizations of all sizes with a simple and effective way to evaluate their culture. Our process starts with a simple anonymous survey followed by a unique feedback analysis process. It's not a traditional workplace award, it's a way to build a great listening culture. Our process can be run in organizations of any size.

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“Achieving a Right Workplace Certification can be a rallying point and source of pride for team members. We implemented the same process at CARite and saw superb results in just 6 months. As of Q1 2015, our employee satisfaction had risen above 90%! We communicate our certification status to all recruits and it helps us articulate how our culture rewards and attracts people who like to innovate and share new ideas.”

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Common-sense culture improvement

Do you feel like you've got a good organization, but something's missing? Are you having culture issues but having difficulty getting the feedback necessary to make a change? Is turnover high and you don't know why? Complicated surveys are not the answer. Inaction is not the answer either. Right Workplace provides business leaders with a simple, effective and easy to understand methodology to measure and improve culture. It's an easy way to hold leaders accountable while giving team members a clear voice. Finally, a way to set your company apart and show potential employees that your organization is the type of place they WANT to work.

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