Improve Culture. Change Lives.

It has never been easier to listen to your people, objectively measure your workplace culture, and drive consistent improvement over time.

Our platform helps companies measure and improve culture.

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Average rating of 4.8/5 from Our Clients
Measure & Improve Culture
Certify Your Workplace
our deliberately simple program

Intuitive Assessment

Our proprietary assessment tool takes team members just 5 minutes to complete. Painless participation means higher engagement.

Clear Results

Our transparent scoring system translates your culture into a single grade. This creates a comfortable language around culture.

Complete Process

Our software makes it easier than ever for leaders to close the loop on feedback, a critical step often neglected by other solutions.

Available Certification

Celebrate and market your culture with an independent Right Workplace Certification. All the benefits of an award, without the hassle.

Get Certified.

Companies partner with Right Workplace to have their culture independently evaluated. When a company achieves two consecutive passing grades in a calendar year, they are Certified as a Right Workplace for that year.

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Customers are singing our praises.

Average rating of 4.8/5 from Our Clients

"Financials tell you a lot, but this program tells me much more about where our opportunities are. What happens with culture ultimately makes its way into the financials anyway. I use the platform in every company we invest in."

Don Foss
Founder, FOD Capital

“Right Workplace helped us identify areas of opportunity across our network of dealerships. With a dispersed team member base it became a great way for us to centralize the collection of ideas and feedback.”

Jeannie Fledderjohn
CAO, CARite Dealer Group

“Using Right Workplace enabled us to transform a critical component of our companies - the culture and morale of the workforce - from fuzzy anecdotes into a quantitative metric. Because of its simplicity we have had strong participation ”

Jack Kolodny
Auxo Investments

The Right Workplace Difference

Average annual total cost to participating companies.
Average annual benefits reported by participating companies.
Lower likelihood of turnover in higher engagement companies.
More creativity reported by engaged team members.

Maintaining a strong culture during expansion

Plymouth Technology adopted the Right Workplace program to help them reinforce and improve upon a strong culture while they significantly expanded their sales team.

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