Driving Innovation

Since 2014

deliberately simple

focused on people

Right Workplace was founded by John Neary in 2014 as a common-sense alternative to the typical award programs used by many companies to measure their workplace culture. Instead of using arbitrary scoring systems and absolute ranking methods, Right Workplace uses a proven pass/fail methodology that hones in on the core relationships that matter at work. Our program is easy to understand, quick to implement and proven in a variety of industries. It does not reward perk-focused companies. Instead we emphasize the need to keep "true contributors" engaged at your workplace. Translate your culture into a single grade, and use our platform to handle all feedback effectively.

don't compete

just improve

Measuring and improving your culture should not depend on what other organizations are doing. We developed and proved out a methodology that companies and teams of all sizes can embrace. Right Workplace gives you a simple pass/fail methodology to easily assess and improve culture over time using a pointed and proven assessment. It's time to demystify workplace culture, and give everyone a platform and scoring system that makes sense!

awards guys vs Right Workplace

There's no contest.

Typical Awards

50+ Questions
Arbitrary Scoring / Ranking
Results Take Months
Publication Focus
No Feedback Process

Our Program

4 Core Questions
Pass / Fail standard
Immediate Results
Relationship Focus
Proven Feedback Steps

General benefits

simple. clear. easy.

The benefits to a better culture are obvious: Lower turnover, higher engagement, happier customers, etc. But Right Workplace offers you a clear and simple way to achieve those outcomes without an inordinate amount of time and effort.  The benefits for Right Workplace company participants can be summarized fairly easily:

01. Gain Insight

Simple measures to keep your team members engaged.

02. Show You Care

Invite and evaluate the brutal facts holding your teams back!

03. Spark Ideas

Build a great listening culture where the best ideas always win.

04. Attract Talent

Build a brand-able culture where talented people are truly heard.