The Mental Health Link.

At Right Workplace, we recognize that culture and mental health are inextricably linked. Our platform aims to position conscientious owners and CEOs to create a healthier workplace culture for all team members, where toxic behaviors can easily be identified and addressed.

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Curing Toxic Leadership.

The largest driver of turnover in organizations is leadership.  Toxic leadership, when left unchecked, can decimate a Company's culture and ultimately their bottom line.  Our program aims to shine a light on any potential threats to a healthy culture. The simplicity of the program, and the arms-length nature of the evaluation process, positions organizations to improve and protect their culture.
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Intend to leave their current company when they evaluate their current leader as 'toxic', compared to just 24% with non-toxic leaders.

Mental Health At Work.

Toxic leadership can impact physical health. Team members with 'toxic leaders' are 60% more likely to suffer a stroke, cardiac or life-threatening event.
Team members reporting 'toxic leaders' can take up to 22 months to recover from the experience when transitioning into a new role.
Only 43% of US employees think employers care about work-life balance. Conversely, 76% of leaders believe they are responsible for employee wellbeing.
94% of US workers report stress at work. Leadership, in general, was cited as the major cause of stress by over a third of US workers.
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