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The Right Workplace Story

Right Workplace was born out of the idea that improving culture could be achieved more effectively by asking the right questions often as opposed to asking a lot of questions annually. We noticed that companies were using award programs to seek recognition for their culture, and then using the outcome of that process to drive improvement. That's akin to competing in a marathon as a means to learn how much you need to work out.

Think of our platform as your culture-fitness app. It gives leaders an easy and intuitive way to assess culture often, and drive improvement along the way.  It becomes part of how we work and leads to far better outcomes for all.
What we set out to build
A simple framework leaders and team members can use to talk about culture openly and often
A methodology to measure the health of workplace culture that is both intuitive and reasonable.
An alternative to award programs where people can celebrate culture, without competition.
A simple software platform that gives owners and leaders the ability to measure their culture as needed.
A network of like-minded companies working within our program that can share best practices.
A new way for leaders to easily organize, understand and respond to feedback without getting overwhelmed.
“Right Workplace helped us identify areas of opportunity across our network of dealerships. With a dispersed team member base it became a great way for us to centralize the collection of ideas and feedback.”
jeannie fledderjohn, customer
“Using Right Workplace enabled us to transform a critical component of our companies - the culture and morale of the workforce - from fuzzy anecdotes into a quantitative metric. Because of its simplicity we have had strong participation across our portfolio.”
jack kolodny, customer

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