Culture Is Not Competitive.

Why should culture be a competition?  We believe in a pass/fail model where companies are evaluated against a fair and objective standard. Our program allows you to measure and improve your team culture on an ongoing basis with a simper process for better engagement.

The Difference

Welcome To The Award Alternative.

Our program allows leaders and owners to easily measure and improve culture. The simplicity and affordability of the program makes a better culture accessible to all. Results are translated into a single grade and our built-in workflow ensures that leaders can easily and promptly close the loop with team members. Want recognition and marketing potential? Enjoy the objective and clear Right Workplace Certification program and skip the award headaches.
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The Right Way.

Awards often use over 50 questions to evaluate culture. We use 4 core precise questions.
Awards often use an arbitrary scoring system. Our pass/fail standard is clear and transparent.
Awards are typically administered through software you merely 'use'. Our software gives you control.
Awards are often tied to publications, so results can be held up for months. Ours are instant.
Award programs often focus on perks while we focus entirely on core relationships at work..
Award processes often end with the result whereas we give leaders a workflow to handle feedback..