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Celebrate Your workplace Culture

  • Certification allows companies to validate the health of their culture without the constraints of traditional award programs.
  • A mark of pride for existing employees and a sign of a healthy culture for prospective employees looking to join a team where culture matters.

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Companies partner with Right Workplace to have their culture independently evaluated. Through a proven and rigorous model, participating companies are assessed to ensure their leadership team is trusted and respected, that team members are listened to, and that a true sense of teamwork exists throughout the organization. Our program offers the simplest way to measure and improve workplace culture. It's the obvious workplace award alternative. Become a Certified Workplace today!

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Our process allows you to pursue certification across your entire organization, or in specific departments or individual physical locations. The certification steps are simple and the measurement process is objective and transparent. We show you exactly how our calculation works and we partner with you to ensure your team is well positioned to be rewarded for building a healthy culture. Here are the steps you need to take to become a Certified Workplace:

    • Sign up with Right Workplace to use our proven platform to measure and improve culture.
    • Use our quarterly assessment process to evaluate your culture across your company.
    • Achieve a passing grade on our transparent scoring system in two consecutive quarters.
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    For your culture

    The benefits of a better culture are obvious: Lower turnover, higher engagement, happier customers. Right Workplace offers you a path to these outcomes without the subjective metrics and fuzzy methodologies typically associated with workplace culture. With Workplace Certification, you get even more:


    Ability to cite your Right Workplace certification in publications. We provide a template press release.


    The Right Workplace Certification mark for use in job postings and any promotional materials.

    RW Profile

    A company profile page within Right Workplace highlighting your company culture and more.

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