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CARite is a national network of car dealerships headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan.

What Certification Means

Companies partner with Right Workplace to have their culture independently evaluated. Through a proven and rigorous model, participating companies are assessed to ensure their leadership team is trusted and respected, that team members are listened to, and that a true sense of teamwork exists throughout the organization. To achieve certification, companies must achieve a passing score in two consecutive quarters. The scores for the above certified company are shown here:


September 11, 2020



I trust and respect my leadership.



My Voice Truly Does Matters Here.



My Co-Workers Want Me To Succeed.


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"Family" - It's the word we see most in our quarterly team member surveys. In these surveys we ask every team member if they feel their voice matters, if they trust and respect their leader, and if they feel their team members are supporting them. We also solicit ideas for improvement - in our business and in our culture. The ideas are plentiful and the verdict is consistent . . . people here feel they are part of a family. We're not perfect. But we are obsessed with listening to each other and improving over time. That's the kind of culture you'll be part of at CARite.

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