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Plymouth Technology helps clients solve challenging industrial wastewater treatment problems.

What Certification Means

Companies partner with Right Workplace to have their culture independently evaluated. Through a proven and rigorous model, participating companies are assessed to ensure their leadership team is trusted and respected, that team members are listened to, and that a true sense of teamwork exists throughout the organization. To achieve certification, companies must achieve a passing score in two consecutive quarters. The scores for the above certified company are shown here:


October 9, 2020



I trust and respect my leadership.



My Voice Truly Does Matters Here.



My Co-Workers Want Me To Succeed.

Plymouth Technology

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Plymouth is committed to advancing a culture that attracts and retains employees who provide the best service and Innovative Solutions for Industrial Customers. We are proud of the culture we have built, and the WATER value system we abide by every day. W • Work: Persistence and hard work matter. A • Appreciate: Show loyalty, help teammates. Don’t bad-mouth others. Freely give credit. T • Think: Get better. Continuously improve. Be a constant learner. E • Excel: Be excellent, be brilliant, be outstanding, be skillful, be talented, be proficient. R • Respect: Demonstrate genuine care for others. Treat everyone with respect.

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