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Right Workplace works with individual companies, private equity firms and family investment offices. The common link? Leaders who care about culture and who are looking for a simple way to measure, monitor and improve it.

example clients

"Using Right Workplace enabled us to transform a critical component of our companies - the culture and morale of the workforce - from fuzzy anecdotes into a quantitative metric. Because of its simplicity we have had strong participation across our portfolio and gained insight into how our policies were motivating and affecting our employees. This was done much faster than any method we used previously."

  • Jack Kolodny

    Auxo Investments

industry agnostic

Our platform has been successfully implemented across a variety of industries, from hospitality to logistics. While we specialize in providing a one-stop culture solution to Private Equity firms and Family Offices, it's ultimately their portfolio companies that benefit from our offerings. Our solution works well in many industry verticals.

Family Offices

Private Equity








auxo partners

private equity

Private equity firm using our program at all of their portfolio companies.

carite corp.

dealer Group

National network of car dealers using our program to improve culture.



Major franchise group using our program to fully engage team members.

FOD capital

family office

Employing Right Workplace to monitor culture across all portfolio companies.

Shea Auto.

dealer group

Flint-based dealer group using Right Workplace to improve culture and processes.


chemical co.

Using our program to drive positive change and ongoing culture improvements.

See certified cos.

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Companies partner with Right Workplace to have their culture independently evaluated. Through a proven and rigorous model, participating companies are assessed to ensure their leadership team is trusted and respected, that team members are listened to, and that a true sense of teamwork exists throughout the organization. Our program offers the simplest way to measure and improve workplace culture. It's the obvious workplace award alternative. Become a Certified Workplace today!

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The Difference

In Their Own words

"Financials tell you a lot, but this program tells me much more about where our opportunities are. What happens with culture ultimately makes its way into the financials anyway. I use the platform in every company we invest in. It’s like having a dashboard on your car telling you exactly how you can improve. I love it."

  • Don Foss

    FOD Capital

"Right Workplace helped us identify areas of opportunity across our network of dealerships. With a dispersed team member base it became a great way for us to centralize the collection of ideas and feedback. It’s an easy way to objectively track what’s going on with our culture. We follow the same process quarterly."

  • Jeannie Fledderjohn