Our Approach

Deliberately simple Model.

A great workplace doesn't have to be complicated or illusive. We'll help you measure and improve workplace culture with a focus on the health of core relationships instead of outlandish perks. Right Workplace focuses on three key areas: Faith in leadership, willingness to listen and the extent to which team members support each other.

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"Culture doesn't have to be complex or subjective. Any company, regardless of available resources, can build a healthy culture where innovation thrives. We provide a simple framework and intuitive software platform to help thoughtful leaders build a culture they can be proud of."

John Neary

Founder & CEO

Our software

built for engagement.

Our workplace culture software platform makes it easy for leaders and owners to measure culture across the entire organization or in select locations/teams. Our in-app analytics makes it easy to identify trends, problems and opportunities. In addition, team members can track their culture sentiment over time.

Why Us?

trusted by family offices & investment Firms

Right Workplace is used in individual companies, but is also trusted by family offices and investment firms to measure and improve culture.  These larger groups use our program as a way to monitor performance and culture across all companies in their portfolio. In addition, our workplace certification program gives portfolio companies a mark of pride to aspire to achieve together.

Our Story

The experience

transparency at every level.

  • Users can quickly, safely and anonymously participate through their mobile device.
  • Leaders can easily search and analyze feedback to identify constructive improvement ideas.
  • Our built-in analytics feature makes it easy to monitor performance across teams and locations.
  • Our workflow ensures that leaders can close the loop with team members promptly and effectively.
  • Owner dashboard allows PE firms and family offices to monitor culture across their entire portfolio.

Perfect For

Compliment financial reporting with real insights from the people closest to the work.

For Leaders

Gain valuable insight into how leadership is perceived and opportunities for improvement.

For All

Our model is designed to protect privacy while ensuring accountability at all levels.