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1. Right Workplace Annual Subscription
Ongoing use of our program so the survey and evaluation can be used at any time. First year paid in full, monthly thereafter. This platform gives you a repeatable way to solicit actionable and anonymous feedback from your team members. This also positions you to use our ongoing consulting services on an as-needed basis, once you have completed the culture evaluation process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have more than 500 users?
For larger companies we develop custom pricing that factors in the number of team members and the number of physical locations. Don't worry about complicated pricing processes, we provide typically provide set quotes the same day.
How do I sign up?
We know many people want to just sign-up online directly. We may offer this in the future as our model gains traction. In the meantime we handle sign-ups the old-fashioned way, with human interaction and a simple set-up process to make sure you are fully positioned to get the most out of our program.
Can I create a custom plan?
Of course. We encourage companies to think about the kind of ongoing support they might need. We offer host of training and consulting services on an on-demand basis.
When will I be billed?
Billing takes places prior to your first company assessment with the first year paid in full, and premiums due monthly thereafter. Invoices will be sent do you via QuickBooks for easy payment and record keeping.
"Financials tell you a lot, but this program tells me much more about where our opportunities are. What happens with culture ultimately makes its way into the financials anyway. I use the platform in every company we invest in."
Don Foss, FOD CApital
“Right Workplace helped us identify areas of opportunity across our network of dealerships. With a dispersed team member base it became a great way for us to centralize the collection of ideas and feedback.”
jeannie fledderjohn, carite
“Using Right Workplace enabled us to transform a critical component of our companies - the culture and morale of the workforce - from fuzzy anecdotes into a quantitative metric. Because of its simplicity we have had strong participation across our portfolio.”
jack kolodny, auxo partners