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October 9, 2020

Plymouth Technology helps clients solve challenging industrial wastewater treatment problems.

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September 11, 2020

CARite is a national network of car dealerships headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan.

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"Culture doesn't have to be complex or subjective. Any company, regardless of available resources, can build a healthy culture where innovation thrives. We provide a simple framework and intuitive software platform to help thoughtful leaders build a culture they can be proud of."

John Neary

Founder & CEO

The Difference

In Their Own words

"Financials tell you a lot, but this program tells me much more about where our opportunities are. What happens with culture ultimately makes its way into the financials anyway. I use the platform in every company we invest in. It’s like having a dashboard on your car telling you exactly how you can improve. I love it."

  • Don Foss

    FOD Capital

"Right Workplace helped us identify areas of opportunity across our network of dealerships. With a dispersed team member base it became a great way for us to centralize the collection of ideas and feedback. It’s an easy way to objectively track what’s going on with our culture. We follow the same process quarterly."

  • Jeannie Fledderjohn