Our Solution

we de-Mystify Culture

Our workplace culture measurement program is easy to understand, quick to implement and proven in a variety of industries. It does not reward perk-focused companies. Instead we emphasize the need to keep "true contributors" engaged at your workplace. Translate your culture into a single grade and use our platform to handle feedback effectively. Enjoy an on-demand partnership with a trained Right Workplace representative to help you drive the improvements and progress your workplace deserves.

  • Generate ideas to improve culture, processes, products or services at your company.
  • Identify problems holding your team members back. Reduce risk of fraud, waste and litigation.
  • Simplify culture by introducing a disciplined and simple approach to measure each quarter.
  • Give team members a voice by making our program simply part of how you work.
  • Drive accountability at all levels by ensuring culture is measured consistently across the enterprise.
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"Culture doesn't have to be complex or subjective. Any company, regardless of available resources, can build a healthy culture where innovation thrives. We provide a simple framework and intuitive software platform to help thoughtful leaders build a culture they can be proud of."

John Neary

Founder & CEO

we certify great cultures

giving you a recruiting edge

The benefits of a better culture are obvious: Lower turnover, higher engagement, happier customers. Right Workplace offers you a path to these outcomes without the subjective metrics and fuzzy methodologies typically associated with workplace culture.

  • Our crest means something to team members looking to join a company where culture and their voice matters.
  • Customers care about thoughtful leadership at the companies they do business with. Show them culture matters at your business.
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trusted by family offices & investment Firms

Right Workplace is used in individual companies, but is also trusted by family offices and investment firms to measure and improve culture.  These larger groups use our program as a way to monitor performance and culture across all companies in their portfolio. In addition, our workplace certification program gives portfolio companies a mark of pride to aspire to achieve together.

Our Story

attract contributors

awards vs right workplace

Our process won’t reduce turnover by itself, and that’s okay.  We believe that the journey toward a better culture may in fact necessitate turnover. A ‘Right Workplace’ is one where your true contributors can shine, and where you ultimately attract more true contributors based on the desirable culture you’ll create. Our scoring methodology rewards companies who focus on relationships and listening to team members, not on lavish perks or benefits.

    • Easily administer the process quarterly, and track results and trends in our dashboard.
    • Protect team member anonymity while sharing results, trends and scores easily.
    • Enjoy complete access to analytics, survey administration and setup.
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