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The Right Workplace platform is a quarterly or biannual engagement survey that yields meaningful insights into the health of any Company culture.

We partner with Family Offices and Private Equity firms to help them monitor portfolio companies for hidden issues and opportunities. Our platform also assists with due diligence on potential investments or acquisitions.

With Right Workplace, the quarterly financials fund managers receive from portfolio company operators are now complimented with meaningful insights from the people working on the front lines in those organizations.
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Better Due Diligence

Gain insights into company culture that may point to litigation risks, fraud, waste or even leadership concerns.

Intuitive Assessment

Our proprietary assessment tool takes team members just 5 minutes to complete. Painless participation means higher engagement.

Effective Monitoring

Our reports compliment standard financials by providing actionable insights into what's really happening at portfolio companies.

Available Recognition

Portfolio Companies can be motivated to participate in order to achieve the industry recognized Right Workplace Certification.
“Using Right Workplace enabled us to transform a critical component of our companies - the culture and morale of the workforce - from fuzzy anecdotes into a quantitative metric. Because of its simplicity we have had strong participation ”
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